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TK CUE-Synth VSTi v1.0 :

The design of TK CUE-Synth is strongly inspired by the architecture of famous hardware synthetizers. This VSTi was designed in order to produce complex sounds and very diverse like bass, pads and atmospheric sounds.The warmth and sound quality of this synth will delight most of you.

TK CUE-Synth has already more than 170 editable parameters in its current beta version !
The warmth and sound quality of this synth will delight most of you. You will find some of our sounds examples below.

Features :

- max polyphony : 12 voices
- 3 ocsillators with customizable waveforms kits
- 1 mixer with 3 ringmodulation sources
- 2 advanced filters modules
- 4 advanced envelopes modules
- 3 advanced LFOs modules
- 2 master effects : FX1 chorus/flanger/delay and FX2 overdrive/distortion
- Receive and transmit MIDI controlers to the host
- MIDI implementation can be changed on the flight by loading a MIDI definition file (TXT file)
- pitchbend range can be set to : +/- 3, 6, 12, 24 semitons
- and more ...
The oscillating module is composed of 3 identical oscillators. With a waveforms kit, you have 3 banks containing each one 11 waveforms, that is to say 33 waveforms available per kit. You also have the possibility of creating your own waveforms kits This feature confers to the synth unlimited possibilities in the sound synthesis.
- 33 customizable waveforms shapes
- PWM for square waveform
- FM synthesis
- possibility of synchronizing the oscillators between them - Sync function
- 2 types of drive applied directly to the output of each oscillators for a distortion effect
- accurate adjustment of each oscillator's outputs
- accurate adjustment of the 3 ring modulation sources
- oscillator's outputs level control
- oscillator's outputs balance control to the 2 filters modules
- noise generator with white and pink noise
TK CUE-Synth has 2 identical filters modules which can be routed following different modes (see FILTERS ROUTING below)
- 6 filter types : Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch, Comb positive filter for producing flanger effect, Comb negative filter for producing phaser effect
- 12/24dB mode for the previous Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch filters
- cutoff modulated by FM sources, filter envelopes, velocity, pitchbend, modwheel ...
- drive / distortion level control for a fat sound
- panoramic/stereo modulation for ouputs of each filters modules
- the 2 filters can be routed following 3 modes : serial, parallel and twice which is a mixed mode between serial/parallel
TK CUE-Synth has 2 identical envelopes modules : one assigned to volume/amplitude, one assigned to the filter's cutoff and 2 others easily assignable as PWM, FM, Cutoff Modulation, Panoramix sources
- 4 envelope types available : ADSR, ADS1DS2R, Loop S1S2, Loop All
- 2 decays and 2 sustaining points for ADS1DS2R, Loop S1S2, Loop All types
- shape control for each envelope stage using a mixing fader : exponential/linear/logarithmic mixing
4 LFOs :
- not implemented yet
FX1 Delay/Chorus/Flanger (Master Effect) :
The FX1 master effect is designed to enhance the sound coming directly from the synth. By its number of controls and its several routing modes, it can behave as delay, chorus or flanger effect.
- 2 tap delays synchronized to the host's tempo with level control and panoramic adjustment
- 2 delay lines tap synchronized to the host's tempo with feedback control
- 1 modulated delay line for chorus and flanger effect
- 1 modulated lowpass filter on feedback
- 7 routing modes including normal delay, pingpong delay ...
FX2 Overdrive / Distortion (Master Effect) :
- not implemented yet
System requirement :
- Intel or AMD 1Ghz or above
- VST2 compatible host
(only tested with Cubase VST32 5.1, FruityLoops 3.4, note that loading/save program/bank work but current program is not saved in the FruityLoops song (FLP file).
Sound examples :
Pad using 2 TK CUE-Synth
Song example by DarkIll using 4 TK CUE-Synth for kick and some others sounds
Download the beta version 0.50 here :
TK-Plugins has finally decided to distribute TK CUE-Synth in its beta version 0.50 in order to let you the possibility to make some presets, indeed we are interested in your best presets to include them in the final release.
Note that presets/programs made by this beta release will be compatible with the futur releases and sound the same.
As TK CUE-Synth is delivered in a beta version, you may encounter some bugs/crashes, you can not hold TK-Plugins for responsable of some damagements that may occur on your system. We have a lot of work to do on this synth project yet.
TK-Plugins looks for beta testers for the futur. if you 're interested, email us at :
TK-Plugins will keep you informed when TK CUE-Synth will be on its final beta testing phase.

Copyright 2001 - TK-Plugins